Do You Really Need Sweetener?

Do You Really Need Sweetener?

"Changing the way you eat is part and parcel of the diabetic diet"

It seems we are very caught up in trying to find ways to replace sugar in our diets.  This makes sense, because sugar has become so prevalent in the foods we eat.  I can’t imagine going a day without it, to be honest.  If nothing else, I have to have it in my coffee, even though with every cup I feel guilty that I am still eating the stuff.

Perhaps we are looking at the problem from the wrong angle.  What if, instead of spending our thought energy on finding ways to replace it with other sweeteners, we tried to find ways to go without it completely?  Since some artificial sweeteners have their share of health concerns too, we might be really improving our health by getting rid of them as well.

Changing the way you eat is part and parcel of the diabetic diet, so since you’re already practiced at eating differently, why not push the envelope a little bit more and just get rid of sweeteners?  Obviously, this can’t be done with every food, but some foods taste just fine without sweets, once you’ve gotten used to eating them that way again.

We didn’t start out needing sugar.  As far as I know, there isn’t sugar in baby formula, and there certainly isn’t table sugar in breast milk, which means these sugar cravings are a learned thing and can be unlearned as well.

Start reducing the sweetener in some of your drinks, and cutting down on it in baking recipes too.  Chances are, you will still enjoy the taste even with a lower amount of sweetener.  Iced tea actually tastes better to me, now that I have eliminated the sweetener in it altogether, and I have reduced the sugar in my coffee to about one-quarter of what it used to be – it tastes better now than ever!

Reducing sweeteners will save you money and help you get rid of your dependence on sugar, which is definitely good for your health.