My Thoughts on Being without Sugar

My Thoughts on Being without Sugar

I quit eating sugar ten days ago, or so I believed.  It turned out the innocent looking hash browns I eat for breakfast every morning also contained dextrose.  I feel betrayed!  In any case, once that discovery was made, I have been eating different foods for breakfast, but for the past four or five days, no white sugar has been in my diet.

I am pleasantly surprised at how easy it has been.  I quit smoking several years ago, and I expected a battle on par with that experience, but this, this was easy.  I have had cravings, and that wandering around feeling like I just need something, anything at all, but it wasn’t unbearable.

I have experienced a little bit of moodiness and irritability, but nothing like quitting smoking or even cutting back on coffee.

I wasn’t just a casual sugar eater, either.  I had sugar in about eight cups of coffee per day (I know, but it was my only vice), plus a dessert after lunch and dinner.  That doesn’t count the sugar that is in virtually every processed food (including hash browns, wow!). 

I have found it pretty easy to adjust to not having those desserts.  Instead of sugary desserts like cookies, brownies and other unhealthy treats, I have been having apple slices sprinkled with cinnamon, or a handful of raisins.  A couple of times, I had honey instead of sugar, but mostly I have been having fresh fruits as dessert, and it has worked out well.

I would like to encourage anyone considering cutting out sugar completely – it has been very easy, even for this sugar addict.  Considering the health benefits, it is well worth the minor discomforts that have all but gone away in the past few days.