New FDA Approved Wireless Capable Glucose Meter

New FDA Approved Wireless Capable Glucose Meter

Unique meter that uses a wireless set up to communication with a iPhone or iPad.

In the United States alone, diabetes impacts the lives of roughly 26 million of its residents. If left uncontrolled, the disease is can lead some serious complications, including blindness, kidney disease, amputation, and heart disease. That said, the disease requires carefully monitoring of not only food intake, but blood sugar levels.

Fortunately, there are companies out there that hope to make the process of getting diabetes under control for many of the people suffering from the disease.

A new device, called the Telecare blood glucose monitoring system, hopes to do just that. It is a unique meter that uses a wireless set up to communication with a iPhone, iPad, and even doctors in a matter of seconds. It can also notify family members.

The device works just like an other glucose meter, where the diabetic pricks his finger for a blood sample. But as soon as the device calculates the blood sugar level, it immediately sends it wiressly to a private database. There the data can be read, including seeing trends or graphs of the blood sugar levels.

The device can be helpful to just about anyone. But it can be especially helpful to parents of young children with diabetes or who have elderly parents who have diabetes.

Many diabetes monitors are relatively cheap -- coming in around $20 or $25 dollars. However, with the added features of the Telecare, the price of the device is around $150.  However, the Telecare device can be purchased for $100 with a one-year contract for the test strips.

Although the device is relatively new, it is an FDA approved wireless capable glucose meter.