New Weekly Diabetes Drug Gets FDA Approval

New Weekly Diabetes Drug Gets FDA Approval

New Drug Offers Continuous Blood Glucose Control in a Weekly Drug

A new diabetes drug won federal approval yesterday, which may serve to be a more convenient drug for those suffering from Type 2 diabetes. Patient's and physicians will have a new choice in a diabetes therapy that offers continuous blood glucose control in a weekly dose.

The drug is manufactured by Amylin Pharmaceuticals, called Bydureon, is injected by diabetes patients just once a week. The drug had been declined twice in the past by the Food and Drug Administration on the suspect that it might contribute to abnormalities in a person's heart rhythm. These setbacks cost the pharma company two years in getting Bydureon to market.

Bydureon may be a better alternative for people who are burdened by multiple injections of insulin daily or take multiple pills every day. The drug may come with the added benefit of weight loss, in addition to solid glucose control.

Bydureon is similar to Amylin's existing diabetes drug, Byetta, which patients inject twice a day. Bydureon contains technology that slowly releases the medicine insde the body.'

The drug is thought to be without it risks however, due to safety concerns with pancreatitis and thyroid cancer. Nor is the drug without its side effects. Headache, diarrhea, constipation, indigestion, nausea, vomiting are all among the drug's side effects, along with itching and a bump at the injection site.

Bydureon works by stimulating cells of the pancreas to produce more insulin whenever the blood sugar is high. The weekly drug isn't the be all and end all however. Patients with type 2 diabetes are still advised to exercise and improve their diet to improve blood sugar control.