Processed Meat and Diabetes

Processed Meat and Diabetes

Through research, we are learning more every day about what causes diabetes and how the food choices we make can impact our health.  We know so much more now than we did even a decade ago, and this report gives us yet another insight into how food and diabetes relate.   In an eight-year study on American Indians, researchers discovered that those who ate processed meat frequently had a significantly higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes:

“Participants who ate processed meats at least twice a week had a 63 percent higher risk of diabetes compared to participants who ate processed meat less than twice a month.”

The most common processed meat was canned meat, but the study notes that processed meats are those that are high in additives, preservatives and nitrates, which is a staggering amount of the meats we consume.  Processed meats that fit the bill would include lunch meat, hot dogs, sausages and canned meats, to name a few.

The article also says that rural residents are more likely to rely on convenience stores for their food because they don’t have access to quality food supplies, which I thought to be not only ridiculous but also a little insulting.  I live in a rural area and eat better than many of my city-bound friends, so this generalization is far off the mark.

In any case, the information is sound and the general advice should be to refrain from a diet that is high in processed meats.  I guess that means I will have to get rid of my daily lunch routine that includes summer sausage, which I started eating, ironically, to stay on a low carb diet for diabetes prevention.