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hello.. Im a 23 year old female and my husband has just been diagnosed with diabetes. He's only 24. Im a little scared as to how were suppose to adjust to a completly diffrent way of living overnite. I'm becoming depressed and unsure if we can handle this type of change. We have a 5 year old son and a 2 year old son and Im worried that because my husband has it they might acquire it also. Im also $ months pregnant and very stressed out. My husbands blood glucose was 612 when we arrived @ the hospital # days ago and they cant seem to get it lower than 160.. and it shoots right back up.. I dont know how to handle such a big lifestyle change @ such a young age.. Any suppot groups out there..???? oh and we dont have any health insurance so i dont know how we will afford his medication.. Is there anywhere i can go for help in miami, fl... i love him and dont want to loose him to this condition..